May 27, 2024 2 min read

Nainital,  Mall Road stands as a hub of activity, lined with some of the finest accommodations the city has to offer. Let's delve into a comparison of five top hotels on Mall Road, along with insights into the latest prices, traffic rules, and the spike in hotel tariffs during this peak season.

  1. The Naini Retreat: A timeless gem overlooking the majestic Naini Lake, The Naini Retreat exudes colonial charm and modern luxury. Its spacious rooms offer panoramic views of the lake or the surrounding mountains. However, be prepared for premium rates starting at ₹10,000 per night in June 2024.

  2. Shervani Hilltop: Tucked away amidst pine forests, Shervani Hilltop offers a tranquil escape from the city bustle. With elegant cottages and a range of recreational facilities, including a spa and outdoor pool, it promises a rejuvenating stay. Prices soar during peak season, averaging around ₹8,500 per night.

  3. The Manu Maharani: Boasting a prime location near the bustling Mall Road, The Manu Maharani blends opulence with warm hospitality. Its plush rooms and suites cater to discerning travelers, while its array of dining options ensures gastronomic delight. Expect rates upwards of ₹12,000 per night during June.

  4. Vikram Vintage Inn: Nestled amidst verdant gardens, Vikram Vintage Inn exudes a quaint charm reminiscent of a bygone era. Its tastefully decorated rooms and serene ambiance make for a memorable stay. However, prices surge during peak season, averaging around ₹7,000 per night.

  5. Experience Tranquility at Hotel North Woods: Amidst the hustle and bustle of Mall Road, Hotel North Woods stands as an oasis of tranquility. Nestled amidst pristine forests, this boutique hotel offers a serene retreat away from the tourist crowds. With its eco-friendly practices, cozy accommodations, and personalized service, it ensures a peaceful and rejuvenating stay amidst nature's embrace. Experience the essence of Nainital in its purest form at Hotel North Woods.

Navigating Nainital's Traffic and Rising Costs: As you plan your trip to Nainital, it's essential to be mindful of the city's traffic rules, especially during the peak tourist season. Mall Road, the main thoroughfare, often experiences congestion, so consider opting for eco-friendly modes of transportation like walking or cycling where possible. Additionally, be prepared for soaring hotel prices during this period, with tariffs often doubling or even tripling compared to off-peak times. Booking in advance and exploring alternative accommodations away from the city center can help mitigate these costs.