May 21, 2024 3 min read

How Much Money is Needed to Go to Nainital?

Planning a trip to the scenic hill station of Nainital involves budgeting for various expenses, including travel, accommodation, food, and activities. The total cost can vary widely based on your choices and the time of year you visit. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you estimate how much money you might need for a trip to Nainital, along with a recommendation for staying at Hotel North Woods in Bhujiyaghat, which offers excellent value for money and is just a 30-minute drive from Nainital.

Travel Costs

  1. By Train:

    • From Delhi to Kathgodam: Train fares from Delhi to Kathgodam (the nearest railway station to Nainital) range from INR 300 to INR 1,500 depending on the class of travel (sleeper, AC 3-tier, AC 2-tier).
    • From Kathgodam to Nainital: From Kathgodam, you can hire a taxi or take a shared cab to Nainital. Taxi fares range from INR 800 to INR 1,500, while shared cabs cost around INR 150 to INR 300 per person.
  2. By Bus:

    • Direct Buses: There are direct buses from Delhi to Nainital, with ticket prices ranging from INR 500 to INR 1,200 depending on the type of bus (ordinary, semi-deluxe, or Volvo).
  3. By Air:

    • To Pantnagar Airport: Flights to Pantnagar, the nearest airport, can cost between INR 2,500 to INR 5,000 one way. From Pantnagar, a taxi to Nainital costs around INR 1,500 to INR 2,000.

Accommodation Costs

During the peak season (May to June), hotel prices in Nainital can be quite high. To get better value for money, consider staying at Hotel North Woods in Bhujiyaghat, just 30 minutes from Nainital.

  • Hotel North Woods, Bhujiyaghat: This hotel offers comfortable and modern amenities at more affordable rates compared to central Nainital hotels.
    • Room Rates: Prices range from INR 2,000 to INR 4,000 per night, significantly lower than similar accommodations in Nainital during peak season.

Food and Dining

Dining expenses can vary based on your preferences:

  • High-End Restaurants: Meals at luxury restaurants can cost INR 1,000 to INR 2,000 per person.
  • Mid-Range Restaurants: Expect to spend around INR 300 to INR 800 per person at mid-range eateries.
  • Local Dhabas and Street Food: For budget-friendly options, local dhabas and street food can cost as little as INR 50 to INR 200 per meal.

Activities and Sightseeing

  • Boating on Naini Lake: INR 150 to INR 500 depending on the type of boat.
  • Cable Car to Snow View Point: INR 300 per person.
  • Zoo, Naina Devi Temple, and other attractions: Entry fees range from INR 20 to INR 100 per person.

Shopping and Miscellaneous

  • Shopping: Budget around INR 1,000 to INR 3,000 for souvenirs and local handicrafts.
  • Local Transport: Rickshaws and taxis for local travel cost between INR 10 to INR 50 for short distances, and up to INR 500 for longer trips.

Total Estimated Budget

  • Travel: INR 1,500 to INR 6,000 (depending on mode of transport)
  • Accommodation: INR 6,000 to INR 12,000 for a 3-night stay at Hotel North Woods
  • Food: INR 1,500 to INR 6,000 (depending on dining choices)
  • Activities: INR 1,000 to INR 2,000
  • Shopping and Miscellaneous: INR 1,000 to INR 3,000

Total: INR 11,000 to INR 29,000 for a 3-night trip for one person.


A trip to Nainital can fit various budgets, from economical to luxurious. By staying at Hotel North Woods in Bhujiyaghat, you can enjoy significant savings on accommodation without compromising on comfort, making it a smart choice for travelers seeking value for money. Plan your trip carefully to make the most of your budget and enjoy a memorable visit to this beautiful hill station