May 23, 2024 3 min read

Discover Arif Castle Nainital in June 2024: A Luxurious Escape Amidst the Overcrowded Tourist Season

Nainital, the jewel of Uttarakhand, has always been a favorite among tourists. As summer arrives, this picturesque hill station sees an influx of visitors seeking respite from the scorching plains. June 2024 is no different, but this year, the surge in tourist numbers has led to an unprecedented spike in hotel prices. According to Google search data, hotel prices in Nainital are currently three times higher than usual, driven by high demand and limited availability.

One of the prominent luxury stays in Nainital is Arif Castle, a hotel known for its accomodation of rooms. Arif Castle offers a blend of modern amenities and traditional hospitality, making it an good choice for those looking to spend time with nature.Hotel arif castle does not have lake view.  However, with the current demand, staying at Arif Castle could significantly dent your wallet. As of June 2024, the google search shows the room rates here have soared to an average of INR 15,000 per night.


But Arif Castle isn’t the only hotel where prices have skyrocketed. Other popular 5-star hotels like The Manu Maharani and The Naini Retreat have also seen their rates triple. The Manu Maharani, for instance, now charges around INR 18,000 per night, while The Naini Retreat's prices hover around INR 20,000 per night. These inflated prices are not just a reflection of the premium services offered but also the overwhelming demand from tourists flocking to Nainital.

For many travelers, these exorbitant prices are a major concern. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly yet equally enchanting stay, Hotel North Woods emerges as a fantastic alternative. Situated on Nainital Road, just 30 minutes before you reach the bustling town, Hotel North Woods offers a serene escape in the midst of nature.


Hotel North Woods is a hidden gem, providing the perfect balance between comfort and affordability. Nestled in lush greenery, this hotel offers a peaceful retreat away from the overcrowded streets of Nainital. Despite being slightly away from the main town, the scenic drive and tranquil surroundings make it a worthwhile choice.

The rates at Hotel North Woods are refreshingly reasonable compared to the steep prices of 5-star hotels in Nainital. A stay here costs around INR 5,000 per night, offering excellent value for money. The hotel features well-appointed rooms with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant stay. Guests can enjoy the serene ambiance, explore nearby nature trails, or simply relax in the hotel's garden area.

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Moreover, staying at Hotel North Woods doesn’t mean compromising on accessibility to Nainital’s attractions. The hotel is strategically located, making it convenient to visit popular spots like Naini Lake, the Mall Road, and the Naina Devi Temple, all within a short drive. After a day of exploring, you can return to the tranquility of Hotel North Woods, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the crowded town.

In conclusion, while Nainital’s 5-star hotels like Arif Castle offer luxury and grandeur, the current surge in prices due to high tourist demand can be a deterrent. For those seeking a more budget-friendly yet delightful experience, Hotel North Woods on Nainital Road presents an excellent alternative. Enjoy the best of both worlds – the natural beauty of the Himalayas and the peace of a serene retreat – without burning a hole in your pocket. Plan your June 2024 getaway smartly and choose a stay that offers both comfort and value.